Nasal Obstruction

What is a nasal obstruction?

A nasal obstruction is anything that impedes the airflow in or out of the nose. For some, it may only be a nuisance; for others, nasal congestion can be a source of considerable discomfort.

What causes a nasal obstruction?

Most cases of nasal obstruction are temporary, caused by a sinus infection, overuse of nasal sprays or allergic/non-allergic rhinitis. The blockage can also be caused by a structural abnormality, such as a deviated septum, enlarged adenoids, nasal polyps or foreign objects. Patients often have a combination of these factors.

If the nasal obstruction appears to coincide with a certain time of year, it may be caused by an allergy, such as pollen. If the blockage appears to be on only one side of the nose, than an anatomical cause is more likely. Snoring is often a symptom of anatomical defect.

How is a nasal obstruction treated?

If the cause is an allergic in nature then avoidance of the offensive allergen or appropriate medications might alleviate the symptoms. A structural abnormality that is intolerable would usually require surgery.

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