Earlobe Repair / Rejuvenation

The soft tissue of the earlobes is important in the overall aesthetics of the face and neck, particularly in the profile. Unfortunately, this delicate tissue is easily stretched or torn. Heavy earrings can significantly stretch an ear piercing over time or even tear the earlobe entirely. A traumatic tear can happen when an earring is accidently caught in a brush or piece of clothing or when a child unknowingly pulls on an earring. As we age, our earlobes can elongate and become disproportionately large…not exactly aesthetically pleasing! Fortunately, repairing a torn or stretched earlobe is a relatively simple procedure with much to be gained.

Dr. Lieberman can perform the minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia in his office. It is generally a matter of opening the skin, removing any damaged tissue and suturing the incision closed.

In the event that an earlobe has become very elongated, he may elect to trim excess tissue and reshape the earlobe to create a more youthful appearance. There is no downtime or post-operative restrictions with respect to physical activity. The sutures are removed on post-operative days 5 and 7 and when desired, the earlobe can be re-pierced 4 weeks after the surgery.

When the earlobe has become wrinkled and thin, Dr. Lieberman can use dermal fillers (e.g. Belotero) as a volumetric enhancement to replace lost fullness. Not only will the lobe have a rejuvenated appearance, earrings with post backs will sit more firmly against the ear as opposed to drooping and looking as though they are falling out.

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